Recent Paintings of Malta – Mostra

febbraio 20, 2016 Mostre 0 Comments

Mostra di igor Ladojanine a Melitensia Art Gallery intitolata “Recent Paintings of Malta” – 1993

“In 1992 Igor Ladojanine discovered Malta. He was instantly struck by the abundance of light, and by the unusual brightness and clarity of the sea. He sees everything floored with light, which penetrates even the deepest coloured shadows. He is influenced by the richness of Maltese History, and by the openness and goodwill of the people. He notices the many distinctive antique, as well as modern, architectural characteristics…

… With every step, and around every corner, on every country road he takes, a new visual discovery awaits him, which he tries to capture in oil on canvas for all to share and appreciate.”

Mikhail Basmadijan